Emirates Business & First Class Lounge Access Now Available For Cash In Dubai


Emirates has quietly introduced paid access to its’ business and first class lounges in Dubai. Some members have received emails from Emirates offering lounge access for cash.

Emirates Business First Class Lounge Dubai Access By Cash

The cost to access the business class lounge is $100 per person and $200 for the first class one. Those that have access to business class lounge can pay $100 supplement and access first class one instead.

You can access Emirates web page for lounges here.

Note that the paid lounge access is not (at least yet) mentioned anywhere on Emirates website. The payment for the lounge access can be paid using a credit card. The paid lounge access is only available in Dubai (for now).

Things to note:

  • Only available when flying on Emirates or on Emirates codeshare flights operated by Qantas
  • Maximum stay is four hours per payment (not sure how they can enforce this)
  • Only available in Dubai

Here’s copy of the email that Emirates has sent out:

Emirates Business First Class Lounge Dubai Access By Cash Email


Would I pay $100 or $200 to access Emirates lounges in Dubai? I would say that it entirely depends of the duration of the transit and what services I would need.

Perhaps I could pay that $100 supplement for the first class lounge if the transit is long enough. Would I do that on every trip? Definitely not.

Emirates has started to monetize its’ service more (advance seating charges were introduced last year – read more here) and there must be more coming on our way.

I have visited both the business and first class lounges in Dubai numerous times. If only Emirates could ensure that there is a working WiFi….. I usually end up tethering on the cell phone network due to the lounge WiFi being completely useless.

Here are the terms and conditions of this paid lounge access program:

• Please note that if you are flying on an airline other than Emirates, or on Emirates Codeshare flights operated by any carrier other than Qantas, then your companion(s) will not be eligible for this lounge access.
• There is no change to the current entitlement for complimentary lounge access for any Emirates Skywards members.
• Emirates Skywards Platinum, Gold and Silver members can pay for additional lounge access beyond the complimentary benefit applicable to their membership tier. Blue tier members who would otherwise not be entitled to complimentary lounge access can purchase lounge access.
• Based on a member’s current tier entitlement, Platinum, Gold and Silver members may choose to pay for additional companion(s); Blue tier members may choose to pay for lounge access for themselves and their companion(s); Gold and Silver members may choose to pay and upgrade their complimentary Business Class lounge access benefit to the First Class lounge.
• This benefit is available only to members for themselves and any additional companion(s) they wish to bring along, provided their companion is also travelling onwards on the same Emirates flight; this benefit of paid lounge access is available only at Emirates Lounges at Dubai International Airport.
• DXB lounge access fees: First Class Lounges: USD 200; Business Class Lounges: USD 100; The Emirates Lounge: USD 100.
• Fees to upgrade from Business Class lounge to First Class lounge: USD 100.
• The fees are applicable for one-time access per adult for a maximum stay in the lounge of 4 hours only.
• Members choosing to pay for lounge access will have to ensure that payments for the entire duration until departure time are made to the lounge staff prior to admittance.
• Members (including their companions) exceeding a 4-hour stay in the lounge for any reason whatsoever (including without limitation flight disruptions and delays) shall incur an additional lounge entry fee for each 4-hour segment at the rates set out above.
• Paid lounge access per child aged below 12 years will be charged at half the adult rate set out above. Infants aged below 2 years will enjoy complimentary lounge access.
• Payments can be made at the respective lounge using a Credit/Debit card only (no cash payments or Miles redemption will be accepted).
• Refunds are not permitted once the lounge has been accessed, irrespective of the duration of access.
• The use of the lounge is subject to any applicable terms and conditions as determined by Emirates from time to time.

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