Turkish Airlines Employees Captured On Video During Very Questionable De-Icing Procedure


Passengers on a Turkish Airlines flights didn’t believe their eyes and had a cellphone camera at hand capturing a bizarre situation of two employees deicing their plane with a bottle full of chemicals.

The video is a mixture of scary and comical that doesn’t contribute much to the reputation of Turkish Airlines maintenance integrity.

Sometimes you think ‘If this happens I’ll leave the aircraft again’ and the current cellphone clip showing two maintenance guys bumbling around in bad weather with a water bottle full of deicing solution is one of these moments where the first thought is ‘Let’s get out of here!’.

Turkey has to deal with very adverse weather conditions that lead to large scale cancellations and wreaked total havoc on the schedule of home carrier Turkish Airlines. That being said the flights that do end up operating should be subject to proper maintenance and deicing procedures.

The following clip shows that’s not exactly the case in all instances.

The clip which was uploaded to Twitter and which the user titled ‘Turkish Airlines Hi Tech Deicing Method’ has been shared widely on social media and caused further doubts on how serious TK takes the matter of integrity within their maintenance department.

Do they really not have proper equipment on hand to deice their aircraft properly? If so that would be truly shocking.


This very questionable and improvised deicing technique isn’t sufficient and as the clip shows it’s also impossible for the two maintenance guys to properly apply the solution in the first place. You cant even fault them for that, after all what are they supposed to do with nothing but a water cooler sized bottle full of chemicals? If you have tried to handle the same sized bottle to refill your water cooler at home or at the office you know how plump these are.

I’m surprised people didn’t refuse to fly after seeing this method being applied to their plane.

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