Reader Question: Air China Award On Canceled Flight?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me a question by email regarding Air China flight cancellation dilemma.

Reader Question Air China Flight Cancellation

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Here’s the email:

I have a question that how the airline would deal with the flight canceled in general situation.

In the mid-October of year 2016, I used my Air China’s miles to redeem a CA’s own one way flight from SYX to TSN, and the flight’s date is Feb 2th which is the last day of Chinese New Year holiday.

Unfortunately, however, the flight was cancelled in December. I have tried to contract CA, but they just let me choice whether to get a full refund or to endorse a SYX to PEK flight.

I have searched all other airlines from TSN to SYX, many of them were sold out, and the least were very expensive. I also looked at the PEK flight, it was also not my best choice for it would landing at the midnight and I have a one-year-old daughter coming with me.

And as you know, Beijing is 200 miles away from Tianjin and I have to get back work the next day. I have complained this problem to CAAC, but Air China refused to provide other solutions.

I would like to know if this was the general solution that all airline deal with the canceled flight?

Could you please give some advice?

It is unfortunate that the Air China has canceled the flight that the reader was ticketed on and especially that this happened to be around the Chinese New Year.


Reader Question Air China Flight Cancellation EF

Seems that there are only three non-stop flights between this city pair on February 2nd and there is only availability on the morning Hainan flight.


Reader Question Air China Flight Cancellation Expedia

The US website is still happily selling Air China connecting flights between these two cities, although with Shenzhen codeshare.

As the reader has already complained to the Chinese regulator and the Air China is not willing to work finding suitable solution, I doubt that there are any other choices than to purchase another ticket or fly from Beijing and make that 200 kilometer trip.


Sometimes there are no good choices when an airline cancels a flight and when there is no strong consumer protection such as the EC 261/2004 in Europe.

Air China has had some issues with partner awards where segments that were ticketed by United and Air Canada have mysteriously disappeared. Not sure if this has been intentional on Air China’s part.

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