Whine Wednesdays: Hotels With High Floor Lobbies & Lower Floor Rooms/Suites


A recent trend in hotels seems to be to have a high-floor lobby aka “sky lobby”.  Having a high floor lobby can give a nice first impression when you check-in and usually comes with a great view if the weather is nice.

Whine Wednesdays Lobbies

This reaction can turn negative, however, when in some designs you realize that the high floor check-in is entirely for show and you need to go first 70 floors up to the lobby and take a second elevator going 25 floors down to your room.

Based on my personal observation, Hyatt has quite a few of these hotels in Asia-Pacific. You cannot access your room from the ground floor but need to go up to the “lobby” first and switch to another elevator bank to take you down to your floor.

This gets tiring really fast and is simply bad design.

At the Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur, if your room is on a “low” floor, you are can actually be closer to the ground than the lobby.  Colleagues advised me if I wanted to save time, simply take the elevator down to the pool level and a parking elevator out to the ground.


I don’t have as big issue with hotels that have lobby on a non-ground floor where you switch to another elevator bank going UP (ie. Park Hyatt Tokyo).

Some of these set up may have been done to monitor who comes and goes while this may also increase spending at the lobby F&B outlets that then have a “view”.

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