Fabulous Fridays: Reasonably Priced Laundry Service At Some Hotels Case Fairmont Sanur (Bali)


One of the pet peeves when traveling non-stop is that you need to do laundry every once in a while and often the hotel prices for this service are extremely high.

Fabulous Fridays Reasonably Priced Laundry Service At Hotels Case Fairmont Sanur (Bali)

Hotels that don’t get that many business travelers and have price sensitive guests to a certain extend have nothing to lose by offering reasonably priced laundry, however.

You can access Fairmont Sanur’s website here.

I have seen some hotels offering flat priced laundry; “all you can fit inside the laundry bag”. The Fairmont Sanur has piece based price that is rather reasonable.

Usually laundering a shirt costs anywhere from $5 to $10 per piece (usually the latter) and prices for underwear items are simply ridiculous.

The Fairmont prices are just bit more than a $1 per piece if you decide to hand them 15. $1 is roughly 13K IDR at the moment.


I often use hotel laundry for shirts and then outside one for socks and underwear (these are just way too expensive to launder at hotels).

There is no incentive for hotels to offer more affordable pricing because these are expendable items for most business travelers (as is the second most outrageously priced item – buffet breakfast).

Glad that some hotels are offering reasonably prices laundry albeit only at the “holiday” locations. Wish that this would extend to other locations as well. I would have taken advantage of this offer had I not left some items to be laundered at InterContinental Bangkok (will pick them up on my subsequent stay).

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