Reader Question: What Program(s) To Consider In Addition To Hyatt Diamond?


A LoyaltyLobby reader emailed me a question regarding status diversification for someone that travels roughly 200 nights per year.

Reader Question What Program(s) To Consider In Addition To Hyatt Diamond

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I’m a diamond member at Hyatt.,…. If I was to diversify my stays between 1 or 2 other hotel groups across Asia….. who would you utilize. I travel about 200 days a year.

Does mandarin oriental have a loyalty group? What is Fan?

Such a short email yet a very difficult question….

There are few things to consider:

1. Does corporate policy dictate choices?

2. Is there an upper $$$ limit on acceptable room rates?

3. Has the reader mainly stayed at the Park Hyatts, Grand Hyatts or Hyatt Regencies?

4. Are the on property benefits more important compared to redeeming for award nights, airline miles or merchandise?

5. What is the reader’s personal preference?

The reader was asking about Mandarin Oriental’s loyalty program. To my knowledge they don’t have one. Also, there is nothing on their website indicating that they would have. The Fan program that the reader is referring to is for travel agent/professionals.

Considering that the reader is considering Mandarin Oriental, I would assume that the right property choice would be Regis and Ritz-Carlton perhaps few W’s or Le Meridien’s thrown in here and there. Shangri-La could be an option too and has quite a few properties in Asia-Pacific.

Marriott Rewards (Ritz-Carlton Rewards is basically just a flag on the account) and SPG both offer status fast tracks and having SPG status will give your Marriott one for reciprocal benefits purposes for now (until the combined program is announced).

I would ask for a status match from SPG and do the required nights to fulfill it and then link to a Marriott Rewards account.


There are many options out there, and sometimes the preference to stay at truly unique and top tier hotels in any given city may trump the properties that are affiliated with the “chain” hotels that have loyalty programs.

I would assume that the reader works for a rather large financial company based on the email address used and thus may have a rather relaxed company travel policy.

It takes time getting known the ins and outs of other loyalty program(s) if one has used a program such as Hyatt Gold Passport for a while. The reader may get very good service from properties that he travels to often, and it takes time to build up same rapport with other chains/hotels.

I would say to try out various brands and chains to find out what suits best.

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