Whine Wednesdays: Hotel Alarm Clocks?


Don’t get me started about alarm clocks at hotels. Those that you can usually find next to bed that are sometimes blinking blank, impossible program to alarm you at specific hour without having PhD or that suddenly go off at ungodly hours like what happened to me yesterday.

Housekeeping is supposed to reset these daily when they do housekeeping service to ensure that they don’t go off when new guests come in. How often they forget to do this?

So, the alarm went off at 5AM in the morning when I was actually trying to fall in sleep (schedule has been somewhat off this week). I first tried to unplug the unit from the wall but couldn’t do that. Keep hitting the unit until it eventually went quiet.


This is just a lapse from the housekeeping. I believe that they should have a list of what they are supposed to do that includes that the time on the clock is actually correct and that the alarm is not turned on.

This happened at the InterContinental hotel in Bangkok last night and had a word with the MOD when I was checking out in the afternoon. Didn’t ask for compensation but they waived laundry charge.

I believe that Hilton is the only chain that has standardized the alarm clocks that they use. Wonder why others haven’t thought doing the same?

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