Priority Pass Holders Should Check Their Mail For Membership Materials And Access Code To Virtual Card

Last week I received a letter from Priority Pass that included an access code to download the virtual PP membership card as well an updated lounge directory.

I had not requested this code myself even though I was aware that you can download the membership card nowadays simply because not all lounges are equipped to support the virtual card.

Nowadays it’s almost completely unnecessary to carry most travel related membership cards such as Hotel and Car Rental Elite Cards. On occasion you still require frequent flyer cards to use airport lounges and other ground services, especially if you decide to collect your miles on one program but still use your status benefits of a secondary elite status.

Here is the letter received from Priority Pass:

Coincidentally we received two questions from readers this month asking if the Priority Pass App and the virtual membership card are useful tools worth installing on your mobile device.

My answer both times was it depends on how you plan to use it. I often use my Priority Pass in smaller, independent lounges that are not affiliated with a big airline or international lounge brand such as Plaza Premium. These independent lounges don’t have the capability to read the virtual card code so you will still need the physical card.

Mostly lounges that are affiliated with Priority Pass now use a terminal similar to a payment terminal for credit cards. Others (rarely now) use the old imprint credit card machines or fill in a receipt by hand.

I do like the app however to look up locations of Priority Pass lounges which is much easier than using the website and of course more practical than carrying the directory around. I’m still a big fan of paper though and if I’m at home I’d much rather consult the directory instead of the app or website.


Many of us have the Priority Pass as part of a Premium Credit Card and henceforth had a simplified enrollment process through the credit card company rather than through PP itself. This means there is no online account set up yet which is likely the reason why this letter has been delivered.

If you also carry such a membership you might want to go through your letter mail and see if this material is somewhere in between.

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