British Airways Now Serves It’s Own Signature Gin To Concorde Room (First Class) Customers

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British Airways in cooperation with the acclaimed Cambridge Distillery has developed their own special blend of gin which is now available for Concorde Room guests at London-Heathrow Airport.

The Concorde Room at Heathrow Airport is accessible for First Class passengers or Executive Club Gold members who have received the Concorde Room Card after collecting 5000 Tier Points during their membership year.

Gin has become very popular again in recent years, and British Airways pays this trend tribute in offering something special to their premium customers who stop by the Concorde Room: The exclusively tailored BA Gin !

The airline put out a press release (access here) last year already which for some reason just now caught my attention after a friend mentioned the topic yesterday during a chat.

British Airways is introducing its very own exclusive brand of gin for premium customers. From today (November 23), the specially made tipple – British Airways Gin – will only be served to the airline’s First customers, from the bar of the prestigious Concorde Room at Heathrow’s Terminal 5.

It has been blended for British Airways following extensive taste tests with First customers at the Concorde Room bar in London, by the award-winning Cambridge Distillery, the world’s first ‘gin tailor’. The main botanicals used in the exclusive herbaceous gin (aside from juniper) are basil, rosemary and thyme, which are all grown in the distillery gardens in Cambridge.

A gin and tonic is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks served on British Airways flights – the airline’s customers sip more than three million of them every year. Troy Warfield, British Airways’ director of customer experience, said: “We know how popular a gin and tonic is with our customers in the air and we are sure our new British Airways Gin will go down a treat with our customers flying in First. …

Indeed you can see people ordering Gin and Tonic more often while in the air if you take time and observe people around you a little. You could probably say it’s the alcoholic pendant to the ever so popular Tomato Juice.

This particular blend though won’t come anywhere near the millions of connoisseurs mentioned in the press release as it will be restricted to the Concorde Room only.

… William Lowe, master distiller and owner of the Cambridge Distillery, said: “British Airways customers deserve the best, so we are thrilled to offer those flying in First this amazing new British Airways Gin, served exclusively from the Concorde Room.

“We take enormous care making our gins. For British Airways we collected the basil, rosemary and thyme from our very own gardens and distilled them separately to ensure the temperature of distillation of each botanical was just right, then carefully blended them to make British Airways Gin.

“We label each bottle with the British Airways Speedmarque and wax seal them by hand here in Cambridge to create a truly unique product.” The Cambridge Distillery is among the most highly awarded in the world and has come first in every single international competition it has entered.

Having flown British Airways First twice last year and didn’t really appreciate the experience too much (I think their cabin is simply too big for First) it’s unlikely that I’ll personally come to taste this special Gin anytime soon. However, I could maybe enlist John to have a try as he holds the elusive Concorde Room Card (see what he writes about it here).


It’s a nice marketing tool for both British Airways and Cambridge Distillery and for the customer it’s always nice to be able to try new products. I’m sure in the homeland of Gin there will be many folks that are appreciative of trying this special blend, and if you have done so maybe you can shine some light onto if you liked it or not in the comment section below.