Whine Wednesdays: Tipping Envelopes At Marriott Hotels


We haven’t covered these tipping envelopes for a while and a LoyaltyLobby reader just emailed me a photo. This was found at Courtyard hotel.

Whine Wednesdays Tip Envelopes

Marriott and other hotels had a campaign in 2014 with these envelopes strategically placed around the guest rooms.

Who you should tip at the hotel per these “guidelines”:

– Whoever opens your car door

– Bellman that takes your bag(s) and places them on a trolley

– Front desk to get better upgrades and other extras

– Bellman that brings your bag(s)

– Maids that clear your room

– Club lounge attendants

– Maintenance if there are issues with your room or suite

– Room service even when there is a tray and delivery charge (usually very high)

– Breakfast attendant in the restaurant

– Bartender at the hotel bar

– Concierge if they provide any help

– Bellboy that collects your bag(s)

– Bellboy that places them to trunk

– Valet that brings your car

Did I forget any?


Employers should pay their staff fair living wage so that we could get rid of this unnecessary tipping nonsense. Some say that tipping results in better service but I would argue that this is not the case.

If you follow these tipping guides (usually released by hotels etc. that benefit the more customers tip their employees), you can easily dole out $40 to $50 in tips per day when staying at US hotels and utilizing services that they provide and you pay for.

And I really don’t understand that you now “must” tip 15% at US restaurants when you get bad service and this level of tip should send a message to waiter/waitress that the service was so so. The tip for regular/good service apparently is 20% to 25%.

When I was in Lhasa during the Chinese New Year and had a guide for the duration of the trip (required to get the Travel Permit), I tipped roughly 700 RMB. This was neither required nor requested.

I rather pay a fair price for the good and services rendered without having to take my wallet out in every time I interact with the staff for tipping purposes.