Reader Question: More Than 125 IHG Nights In 2016 & No Royal Ambassador Upgrade?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me an email with a question about InterContinental Royal Ambassador status after having significant number of nights with the chain in 2016.

Reader Question More Than 125 IHG Nights In 2016 & No Royal Ambassador Upgrade

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You can access Ambassador program homepage here.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I need your input please, I did 64 nights at ICH, 52 paid and 12 reward nights. IHG is saying reward nights don’t count toward royal ambassador?

I stayed at 11 different ICH in 2016 I did 125 nights at all IHG hotels, of which 125 nights were counted

They say stays at non ICH hotels don’t matter any longer (I thought they did?)

It is bizarre, can you give me some guidance? IHG sent the file to corporate office but I still have not heard.

IHG Rewards Club made changes to Royal Ambassador program earlier this year and changed what counts towards the status (read more here).

Previously, you needed 60 nights of which certain number had to be at minimum three different InterContinental hotels.

Now, the exact “official” criteria is unclear. What we know is that there appears to be some sort of revenue requirement baked in that is likely $10K spend at InterContinental hotels.

Some members had their status renewed/upgraded with just 20 InterContinental nights when their dollar spend was on the high side. Then there are members like you with high number of IHG nights that haven’t received the same treatment.


It would help if the reader had included the revenue figure for his InterContinental stays. Seems that the likely minimum spend requirement is $10K.

I believe that it would be in the best interest of everyone for IHG to make the Royal Ambassador qualification criteria public. Difficult to suggest that someone should try to qualify for the status when the qualification criteria is murky.