Air BnB Is Now A Delta Skymiles Partner, Earn 3 Miles Per $ Spent And Up To 25,000 Miles For New Hosts As Introductory Offer

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With this new partnership you’re now able to gain a decent amount of Delta Skymiles on your Air BnB bookings or even earn a generous bonus if you decide to become a host with the service.

As an introductory offer you’ll receive 3 miles per US$ spent on your booking and up to 25,000 miles for new hosts and 25$ balance plus 2,000 Skymiles for new members staying until April 30th 2017.

One of the drawbacks of using Air BnB so far was that compared to to traditional hotel bookings you weren’t able to collect any loyalty points for your transactions even though in many cases the prices are very comparable to actual hotel rates.

Of course eventually it all comes down to price and what kind of arrangement you prefer for your stay, an urban apartment style or a regular hotel room.

At least one of the negatives has now been reversed and collecting airline miles with Delta Skymiles is now an option. You can access the promotional page for the booking here.

Whats important is that all bookings have to go through their specifically set up landing page as referenced above as the following section from their FAQ highlights:

Earning miles is applicable only for Airbnb transactions which are originated from Members need to visit this exclusive page every time so they can be redirected to Airbnb and earn miles. SkyMiles Members who go directly to Airbnb without first visiting will not be eligible for miles.

So make sure to visit the landing page if you plan on collecting miles on your bookings. Even though After April 30th it’ll go down to 1 mile per USD spent so not sure how attractive that will be considering the rather dismal value of Skymiles these days but hey, better than nothing right!?

For new hosts however the promotion is a bit more attractive as you could earn up to 25,000 Skymiles under the welcome promotion.

Reaching $2,500 isn’t too difficult if you live in an expensive city or rent out your full apartment so this would be an easy way to collect 25k Delta Miles if you already entertained the idea of renting out your home.

One word of caution though before biting on this offer too quickly: Air BnB at times has promotions offering cash or cash or $-credits as welcome bonus for new members or hosts that often exceed the value of the Skymiles so I’d do my research about any active promotions before a fresh signing up under this new partnership.


It’s a good way for existing customers to add a few extra points to their accounts by facilitating the landing page above.

Personally I have used Air BnB twice and while I was happy with the accommodation I find that most of my destinations don’t offer an ideal value compared to a traditional hotel especially after tax, cleaning- and service fees are applied. Keep in mind that if you’re someone who is an avid member of hotel loyalty programs you might come up short on the require Elite Qualifying Nights/Stays toward the end of the year if you use independent hotels or stay options too much.