Lufthansa Miles&More: Up To 30,000 Miles For Certain Worldshop Products Until February 28th 2017 – Generate Sufficient Miles For First Class Under 3,000 EUR


Lufthansa Worldshop which sells various travel and lifestyle merchandise has a current promotion offering up to 30,000 Bonus Miles per Item for certain products until the end of February 2017.

The highest bonuses are applicable to merchandise starting around 380 EUR and includes Fitness/Sports equipment, luggage, Mont Blanc pens and many other actually useful items.

When I looked at this promotion I thought it’s somewhat interesting because they don’t just clear house and add a few extra miles on junk items that you usually wouldn’t buy but there is actually some high quality merchandise included as well that appears to be discounted in price on top of the mileage bonus.

You can access the Lufthansa Worldshop sale here.

Here are some of the items that offer a high mileage bonus:

Now let’s keep in mind these items aren’t cheap and you might be able to get a decent price for certain products in a regular store (especially skiing equipment now towards the end of the season) but if you factor in the value of 20-30k Lufthansa Miles&More miles you might come out ahead.

Lufthansa doesn’t sell their miles through online promotions and has a pretty decent availability for the Business and First Class (First Class with Miles&More mileage can be booked a year out compare to only two weeks with partner programs). It’s very popular for people living in Germany to collect Lufthansa miles by means of credit card and especially newspaper subscriptions.

The downside of this collection method in the case of newspapers is that you still end up buying a product for approximately 200-300 EUR that you might end up not reading and it chokes your letterbox for a year. Also, how many newspapers do you want to subscribe to?

It might be more sensible to use the money to discount an item you actually like and take the miles with you along the way. This current Worldshop promotion could be a great way of doing that.

Keep i mind if you have it delivered outside Germany the tax will be deducted though not all deliveries are available for delivery abroad so check each item for eligibility.

I played around a little bit and entered an order for 9 Montblanc Ballpens to an address in Zurich. The total is 2,898,97 EUR and should net in 180,000 Lufthansa Miles (20,000 for each pen) which would be enough to cover a First Class return flight from Europe to North America or South Africa.

After looking around I wasn’t able to see any limitation of how many miles are credited at the maximum. If there is indeed no limitation to this, well… this could be a great bargain. I’m sure you’d be able to resell the pens on ebay or other local options for at least 50-60% of that amount which would make the deal even better.


Depends on how much effort you’d be willing to put into this it could be a great way to quickly accumulate enough miles for a few premium tickets in First and Business Class. It appears the maximum amount you can order online is 3000,00 EUR beyond that you get an error message.

Maybe you want to give the items away as personal or business gifts, probably you can even run it as a business expense if you have your own company. Regardless, this appears to be a great deal so if you’re up for it maybe you want to take a shot at this promo.

Also, should you see something such as a limitation in the fine print (which I wasn’t able to find) then please leave a comment below.