Air Berlin Topbonus Now Offers Family Accounts For Limited Promotional Period – Register Until February 28th 2017

Air Berlin Topbonus just announced a new promotion which offers to pool miles into a family account for flights between April 1st – October 15th 2017.

Not only is the time period for this family account limited but only tickets booked betwee December 30th 2016 and February 28th 2017 are eligible. Registration is also required.

I don’t know what it is with Air Berlin that they come up with such weird and complicated promotions that make very little sense from a programs operational perspective.

Topbonus has sent out emails with a personalized link to this promotion so you should check your registered email account for your link or access the promotional landing page here.

The email also outlines the details of how this campaign is going to work.

Our family promotion is a one-time opportunity to build up your mileage account for free in 2017. You benefit from all your fellow travellers’ award miles!

How it works:

  1. Register for the promotion by 28 February.
  2. After registration, register the whole family with topbonus.
  3. Book flights for the holiday period from 1 April to 15 October.
  4. Transfer all collected award miles onto one mileage account after 16 October.*
  5. Explore the world with your family miles!

You won’t miss a date! Once you are registered for the promotion, we will promptly remind you via e-mail when you can transfer your family miles.

If you have a family trip scheduled for the period in question or plan to make a booking in the next 2 weeks then you might want to consider signing up for this promotion.

Keep in mind that as mentioned you’ll only be able to pool your miles into the primary account after 16th of October 2017.


Considering other programs such as British Airways Executive Club offer family accounts it’s really a strange type of promotion to offer such a mileage pooling for a limited period only and with specific ticketing conditions on top of it all.

It might make sense for people who have already booked something but I don’t think this is going to entice customers to make additional bookings for their family just to collect a few extra miles which is likely what Air Berlin is trying to accomplish.


Here are the Terms & Conditions for this promotion at the time of this article:


  • Free registration on the promotional page is required to participate in the promotion. All family members who want to transfer miles must also register for the promotion.
  • Participation in the family miles promotion is free and does not rule out participation in other topbonus promotions.
  • Please note: Participation in the topbonus programme does not automatically entitle you to participation in promotions. One-time registration is required for each.

Registration period:

  • The registration period begins on 30 December 2016 and ends at 23:59 on 28 February 2017.

Booking period:

  • The booking period begins on 30 December 2016 and ends at 23:59 on 28 February, 2017.

Travel period:

  • The travel period begins on 1 April 2017 and ends at 23:59 on 15 October 2017.

Transfer period:

The transfer period begins on 16 October 2017 and ends at 23:59 on 15 November 2017, subject to possible time changes. Registered members will be informed of the beginning of the transfer period via e-mail.

Promotion details:


All registered members who have made at least one booking with a departure in the aforementioned time periods may transfer topbonus award miles between topbonus accounts free of charge within the transfer period.


Only topbonus award miles are transferable for this promotion. topbonus miles awarded for new registration, collected within the airberlin SuperSeller programm or purchased for purposes of a promotion and topbonus status miles are excluded from the transfer of miles.


The transfer of miles is limited to seven topbonus accounts, i.e. a topbonus member who has registered for the promotion can receive award miles from a maximum of seven topbonus members via mile transfer.


Online, a maximum of 50,000 award miles may be transferred, and 350,000 award miles received, per member account.


Members who have received award miles may not send award miles to other topbonus mileage accounts.


The original validity of the miles remains unaffected by the transfer. Miles protected by topbonus Gold or Platinum status before expiring lose their expiration protection upon transfer to topbonus Classic or Silver members. If award miles would have expired without mile protection, they are still valid after transfer until 31 March 2017.