Reader Question: Crowne Plaza Front Desk Asks For IHG Rewards Club PIN Number?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me an email about an unusual request he had received from a Crowne Plaza front desk agent.

Reader Question Crowne Plaza Front Desk Asks For IHG Rewards Club PIN Number

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Here’s an email from the reader:

just stayed at CP Gurgaon New Delhi (nice hotel). At end of stay, receptionist wanted to check if I am registered on accelerate. I told him I was, but he wanted to double-check… and asked me for the pin.

I didn’t give the pin, as I guess it wasn’t meant to be used this way, especially as this receptionist tried to give me less foreign exchange money earlier. ever encountered requesting the pin, is this normal? I’m spire and never had this happen in 200 stays over last 2 years.

And decided to ask IHG spokesperson:

This is not usual practice. Thank you for making us aware. I’ve spoken to our team in AMEA and they will ensure that the hotel team is reminded of correct protocol when checking registration or registering members for Accelerate.


There is not necessarily anything nefarious going on over here, but the person having your PIN has total access to your account to use the points the way he/she sees fit.

This is a good time to remind readers that they should have a more complicated PIN number on file with IHG. Difficult to believe that 11% of all the PIN numbers used is simple 1234 and that 20 most common PINs consist of 28% of all.