Whine Wednesdays: Now Everyone Can Fly ……… In Business Class!


This week’s Whine Wednesday topic could also be Fabulous Fridays depending what approach I take. People dressing inadequately while traveling or business class fares become sometimes cheaper than economy and thus making them affordable to everyone.

Whine Wednesdays Now Everyone Can Fly …...... In Business Class

It always fun to see old photos of people traveling in the early days of air transportation. Flight attendants were carving meat while people were dressed up for the occasion. Nowadays the meals are often meh even in business and what people wear can often leave lot to be desired.

Back in time:

Whine Wednesdays Now Everyone Can Fly …...... In Business Class Old Days


I tend to wear smart casual while traveling so not to be out of place and to be respectful towards fellow travelers.

It is true that quite a few almost dress down when travel and the couple on the photo I took are by far not the worst offenders that I have seen of late.

What is your take? Should people dress up or down while traveling?

Remember that some airlines won’t consider a passenger for operational upgrades if they are not adequately dressed for the cabin. Airlines also have guidelines for staff members traveling in premium cabins.