Reader Question: TripAdvisor Censoring Critical Reviews?


A LoyaltyLobby reader left a comment to a prior piece about TripAdvisor’s inability to sometimes publish critical reviews of properties while no such issues with positive ones.


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Here’s the reader comment:

I confirm that TripAdvisor censors negative reviews. I went to 2 hotels in Sharm El Heik, Egypt, with my family. One was absolutely horrible (IberHotel) the other was good (RoyalGrandSharm). I posted a review for both on the same day.

Guess what ? The positive review for RoyalGrandSharm was published in a couple of days. The negative review about Iberhotel was put in a pending status for a few weeks then it just disappeared! So I reposted it. Same thing happened : pending for a few weeks, than it disappeared again a second time!

I have lost all trust in TripAdvisor and I am closing my account with them. What a band of crooks.

I was about to write about this unique TripAdvisor feature because it just happened to me as well:

TripAdvisor No

Here’s the review that I left that was deemed to be in violation of TripAdvisor “rules”:

TripAdvisor Original Review


The reader is right that sometimes TripAdvisor can take long time to post critical review of properties. Makes you wonder if hotels can pay TripAdvisor for delaying negative reviews until they are on the second or third page?

But you have to remember what business TripAdvisor is in that is basically selling hotel bookings and getting paid commission to do just that. They have to walk fine line by satisfying both the consumers and hotels.