You Never Know What Might Be Happening At The Airport!


I had no idea what was going on at the Kuala Lumpur International airport on Monday when I was taking a Malaysia Airlines flight to London.

North Korea KUL

Apparently, the North Korean “dear” leader decided to have his older half brother, who had been living in exile, assassinated when he was flying to Macau.

Here’s an excerpt from the Washington Post (read the article here):

There, near a counter in the check-in area, the man was suddenly set upon by two attractive young women who looked like any other travelers heading off on vacation. One was wearing a white sweater emblazoned with “LOL” and a short flowery skirt, her lips painted dark red and her hair cut in a femme-fatale bob.

What followed was an assassination that, complete with a honey trap and a public poisoning, has focused new attention on Kim Jong Un, the 33-year-old leader of North Korea, suggesting he will stop at nothing to keep power.

One of the women grabbed the man as the other sprayed liquid on his face and held a cloth over it for about 10 seconds.

In the hullabaloo of the check-in area, no one even seemed to notice. This account of the attack and its aftermath was pieced together from interviews with staff at the airport, police and other official statements, and leaks to the local media.


Things must not be going too well for the North Korean leader if he felt need of having his half brother axed. He had previously purged some other close family members.

I have been contemplating a tour of North Korea and some of my friends are going there this Autumn. Not sure if this would be the best time to go?

Everything at the Kuala Lumpur airport seemed to be rather normal on Monday. There were some former Manchester United player in the Malaysian Airlines first class lounge with whom bunch of the employees wanted to have their photos taken with.