Fabulous Fridays: Innovative Airline Amenity Kit Designs In First & Business Class


It’s Fabulous Fridays again, this week with the topic of innovative designs of airline amenity kits which are given to passengers flying in premium cabins on most airlines.

Amenity Kits contain some inflight necessities as well as small quantities of cosmetics and in some cases even high quality Eau de Toilette (especially in First Class).

These amenity kits are often sponsored by known designers or luggage brands in cooperation with the airline which serves a dual purpose, offering the passenger something fun and special in the premium cabin while giving the brand additional advertisement.

It’s very common to get high quality kits in First Class that often include luxury designer brands. Even though these brand names don’t necessarily mean quality I always appreciate different and innovative designs such the one I received at Qatar Airways two weeks ago from BRIC’S.

While it looks interesting and not like your ordinary amenity kit you receive on every flight the contents were rather standard, not to say dull.

The only item that stood out was the BRIC’S luggage tag even though I don’t know why one would use that unless the bag itself is of the same brand. Qatar Airways used to have a small bottle of Eau de Toilette in their amenity kits which appears to have become the victim of cost cutting as well.

Other airlines such as Lufthansa, ANA and EVA Air still offer the well known and popular Rimowa Kits:

In Lufthansa’s case it contains high quality LaMer cosmetic products alongside the standard items such as eyemask, haircomb, toothbrush, socks etc. which you find in every other kit as well.

The best amenity is probably still available on Singapore Airlines First Class & Suites where the branding is Salvatore Ferragamo and is one of the last remaining kits where a generous bottle of Eau de Toilette is standard in every kit.

Here is what we got last month on Tokyo – Singapore (the red kit is the female version with the corresponding EDT).

That being said (before I compliment SIA too much) Singapore Airlines doesn’t offer any amenity kit in their Business Class and instead come by with a basket of items. Good for the environment I guess.

EVA Air gives out the Rimowa Amenity Kits even in their Business Class.


It’s always a little bit like Christmas to see new Amenity Kits and to unwrap what they actually contain. I can’t say I’m a big fan of SQ’s solution of the Business Class basket but as I said it has probably a rather large environmental impact considering they save one kit for each Business Class Passenger.

At least in First Class Singapore Airlines is still top of the line while other carriers scaled down the contents of their kits and instead opt for sponsors that come up with interesting designs such as Qatar Airways/BRICS.

Do you have a favorite Airline Amenity Kit? Comment below and maybe we find out a clear front runner among our readers.