Fabulous Fridays: Iconic Hotel Bars And Waived Cover Charge For In-House Guests


This weeks Fabulous Friday is about a place many of us international travelers look forward to after a long journey: Iconic Hotel Bars at various properties around the world.

The most popular hotel bars often levy a cover charge during the evening hours that is often waived for in-house guests and can really make a difference.

Not every hotel bar has to be famous in international comparison or by local standards; the characteristics of a bar changes with the destination. One place may be well known for its spectacular views, another one because of its architecture, others may have hosted the world’s most famous celebrities.

What all of them have in common is that they are great places to unwind and enjoy a couple hours of downtime while listening to live music or just gaze over the skyline of the city you’re in.

The most frequent one I visit is the New York Bar at the Park Hyatt Tokyo because it’s simply phenomenal. I also don’t find drinks there are particularly expensive and the cover charge of 2,700 JPY is waived for all in-house guests. Although this is my favorite one, there are others I like to visit, including the following:

  • Long Bar, Raffles Hotel Singapore
  • Lantern, Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore
  • OZONE Bar, Ritz Carlton Hong Kong
  • Intercontinental Bar Hong Kong
  • Century 100 at the Park Hyatt Shanghai

In any case, it pays off to be a guest at these particular hotels because I can’t remember any instance where I was charged a cover fee unless there was a special event such as New Years’ Eve or a particular party. It also allows you at times to jump the queue or at the very least have the front desk/concierge make a reservation for you.


Even if you don’t drink alcohol, it’s worth it to visit nice places like these, especially since most also have either an adjoining restaurant or a bar menu with small items for dinner.

They can often be crowded because many locals or tourists that aren’t staying at the property are visiting the establishment as well. That’s why being an in-house guest often goes a long way at very popular establishments that extend special privileges to you.

What is your favorite bar in the world? Comment below!