Whine Wednesday: Grocery Store Style Hotel Folios (Especially In Finland)


Not sure why these grocery store style hotel receipts are so prevalent in Finland? Cannot remember that I would have come across them in other countries.

Whine Wednesday Grocery Store Style Hotel Receipts (Especially In Finland)

The problem is that they are basically unreadable after few months. The text just fades away. I believe that this is due to thermal printing method and type of “paper” used.

In Helsinki, I requested this Design Hotel to print these on a regular paper. They had some issues first but eventually managed to use their laser printer to just that. It was on the same grocery store format and size but at least it will be readable when I do my expense report.


Don’t mind getting these receipts at grocery stores but not at hotels. I would imagine that many need to save these for expense reports and the text is unreadable after a while especially if you don’t store them well immediately.