Welcome To The New “World Of Hyatt” – Website Down On Day One!


Hyatt Gold Passport has been transformed into World Of Hyatt last night but one thing that didn’t change was the unreliable website which has been offline for hours now.

Everybody familiar with the Hyatt online presence knows that it’s one, if the THE worst website in the entire industry and this new snafu on day one of their new program is another embarrassing blow.

You would think that after all the fanfare Hyatt would have ensured that at least this one time they would have their website up and running without a problem but no, that’s apparently too much to ask.

There are plenty of companies out there that do e-commerce and whose website is never ever down. Have you ever experienced Amazon or your online trading provider have their website shut down for ‘maintenance’ several hours per day, multiple times per month?


This is a repeat issue that we have also covered ad nauseam here on LoyaltyLobby but I for one would have thought that with World of Hyatt they’d not expose themselves to another embarrassing website issue. Too high hopes I guess.

Whoever is responsible for the IT department of Hyatt must be family because otherwise such a person would have been fired ages ago. Why can’t the company take whatever resources necessary and hire an outside IT firm to once and for all fix these issues?

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