Bed Bugs Paradise! Case: InterContinental Park Lane In London


Although I have spent more than 300+ nights per year at hotels for the last 14 years, this is only the second time that I have been hit with bed bugs (that I am aware of). Previous incident happened at another InterContinental hotel in Hanoi (read more here).

Bed Bugs Paradise Case InterContinental Park Lane In London

I flew in for a meeting and stayed at the InterContinental Park Lane hotel in London on Monday night. Slept very well for nine hours. Unfortunately, after showering in the morning, I realized that there were more than 10 bite marks in my upper body.

It is usually difficult to tell if you have been bitten by a mosquito or if it is a bed bug. Usually, bed bug bites are in formation of three bites (breakfast, lunch & dinner). I had flown in from Finland and the weather was too cold for mosquitoes in London as well, so there aren’t that many options left.

I called the manager on duty to inform the hotel that I had been bitten by these creatures at their hotel and moved with all my stuff to the club lounge. They had then called in a company to do an “investigation” and hadn’t found any evidence of bed bugs (I had plenty on myself).


You have to remember that bed bugs are more of a nuisance and haven’t heard that there would be any health issues if you get bitten. It is very difficult for hotels that have people coming all over the world not to have them at times.

I guess that the worst case scenario is that when someone stays at bed bugs infested hotels they bring these creatures to their home as well. These are very difficult to get rid off.

So, if you are planning to stay at the InterContinental Park Lane in the near future, I would suggest that you avoid room 532 or any rooms adjacent to it on higher, lower and on the same floor.

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