Air Asia: Phuket Baggage Handler Caught Stealing Jewelry From Passenger Baggage


Authorities in Thailand have arrested a baggage thief working for Air Asia who systematically combed through passengers luggage and stole valuable items such as jewelry at Phuket Airport.

A woman filed a police report after she discovered that a gold bracelet and diamond ring were missing from here suitcase which she (foolishly) left inside the checked bag.

Having items ‘disappear’ from checked baggage is actually more common than people might think and let’s not even talk about the chances of bags being delayed due to missed connections etc. It’s really beyond me why people would put valuable items such as jewelry in their suitcase just to check it in. Those items are small enough to put them inside the carry on.

You can follow this story from The Phuket News (access here).

The Sakoo Police have confirmed that a baggage handler at AirAsia was caught stealing a diamond ring and bracelet at Phuket International Airport was arrested yesterday (Mar 3).

Maj Chawaphon Santisatsanakul of Sakoo Police said a report was filed by a woman whose diamond ring and bracelet went missing at Phuket International Airport.

Ms Amiga Maha, the owner of the jewelry told the police that she was flying back to Phuket from Bangkok on AirAsia flight FD3015 on March 2. She had checked her bag in Bangkok, but when she received her bag after the flight, her diamond ring and bracelet were missing, Maj Chawaphon said.

“The Sakoo Police coordinated with Phuket International Airport officials to check CCTV footage,” Maj Chawaphon said.

“We saw a man who is a baggage handler for AirAsia acting suspiciously and after further reviewing the CCTV footage it became clear that he stole the items,” he added.

The baggage handler was identified as Tadsayu Boonsob, 26. Police questioned him whereupon he admitted to taking the jewelry and returned it to Ms Amiga, Maj Chawaphon said.

Mr Tadsayu has charged with charged with burglary and theft, Maj Chawaphon added.

Baggage is still the most sensitive security issue for airlines as there are almost no safeguards available to ensure a clean chain of custody for checked bags. Passengers can check-in illicit items that often go undetected and at the same time baggage is open to theft and other fraudulent activity.


Passengers should always keep valuable items in the carry on baggage and never check-in their high priced belongings or cash. Most importantly certain risk prone destinations should come with extra caution and extra safety locks can help to prevent people from going through your baggage.

Whenever you buy a suitcase they either include small locks or in the very least a combination-lock which can be opened by special TSA keys in case airport security needs to open it. At least it provides some additional layer of protection.

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