Hilton Honors Program Terms & Conditions Update March 1, 2017 (Gold & Diamond Benefits For Crews)


Hilton Honors updated program Terms and conditions on March 1, 2017, (read more here) to reflect the new Points & Money awards among others.

Hilton Honors Terms & Conditions Update March 1 2017

Hilton also dropped us a note that there had been change on crew member benefits when an airline picks up the bill, but these changes were not spelled out on the T&Cs update. Had to find out from Hilton what the exact change had been.

You can access Hilton Honors here.

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Here’s the clarification received from Hilton spokesperson:

Re: eligible benefits for aircrew members, this is listed under the Hilton Honors Amenities section and the exact language is below. It doesn’t specifically call out airline crews but that’s what it’s referring to. Essentially it means that large groups that have a discounted rate with a specific hotel, wouldn’t receive on-property benefits like breakfast unless that was specifically included in their group contract. Let me know if this makes sense and sorry for the confusion!

On-property benefits are not awarded in the following circumstances:

  • Reservations booked through a non-Hilton-direct booking channel or a non-designated GDS, third party website or any other channel,
  • Rates available on “opaque” websites where the hotel brand and specific hotel are not known until the booking is made, or
  • Third party hotel packages or travel packages not booked through one of the eligible channels.
  • Booking ineligible stays, (as defined in the Accrual of Points section) unless hotel contract has specific benefits included.


I guess that the question is has Hilton properties provided Gold and Diamond benefits for airline crew members that have stayed on crew rates? Based on this update, it seems that they (at least corporate) are trying to make these stays ineligible for on property benefits.

The airline crew rates usually include at least breakfast and some other airlines throw in lunch and dinner too for their employees. Not sure how many this change affects and if it really is about the lounge access ( and complimentary booze).

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