Whine Wednesdays: Passengers Who Ignore Fasten Seat Belt Signs & Announcements


This weeks Whine Wednesday is about something you will see during every other flight: Passengers who blatantly ignore the fasten seat belt signs and announcements!

Be it that passengers stand around the aisle, visit the washroom and get up to grab something from the overhead bin it appears like the ignorance of people has no boundaries.

Sometimes you really got to wonder if a flight that lasts several hours isn’t long enough to get done what needs to be done on time. Such as going to the toilet or stowing your belongings in the overhead bin.

After all, we all know that the plane is eventually going to land right? And just for convenience the airline even tells us when.

A good example was just on display again last week when I booked a last minute flight from Abu Dhabi to Bangkok on Etihad Airways Economy Class.

The flight was an absolute gong show as far as my fellow passengers were concerned. You really got the impression that more than half of them never set foot on an airplane before. I had an Exit Row seat and could nicely follow how every second passenger who visited the lavatory tried to open the door with the ashtray installed in the door instead of just pushing it to fold to the side.

Much worse however was the behavior of people who constantly got up and either visited the washroom or dealt with the overhead bin during both take off and landing as well in between. It was a somewhat bumpy flight and the ‘Fasten Seal Belt’ sign was on many times. In addition to that the crew also made very frequent and clear announcements.


People should really pay proper attention to safety announcements and follow them. The guy in the picture above thought it was a good idea to do some stretching exercise during final approach. After he got sent back to his seats by the cabin crew destiny struck before he sat down and a hefty bump caused him to hit his head on the bin. Often life isn’t fair but sometimes it is!

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