UPDATE: Finnair Flight Cancellations & Service Reductions Due To Strike On March 10, 2017 (And Possibly March 14 & 17)

The ground services strike at Helsinki Airport in Finland that I wrote about yesterday (read more here) will have a greater disruption to Finnair operations than originally planned.

Finnair Strikes

The airline has already cancelled one third of its scheduled operations for Friday which is roughly 100 flights. Cancellations mainly affect domestic and European routes. No long-haul flights are cancelled as of now besides Shanghai.

You can access Finnair’s web page for the strike info here.

There could be strikes also on the 14th and 17th of March. The negotiations between the union and employer side will continue on Monday.

The airline will only serve water on its European flights and requests that passengers travel only with their carry-on luggage.

Here’s the list of canceled flights:

AY853 Helsinki – Hamburg
AY699 Helsinki – Billund
AY911 Helsinki – Berlin
AY933 Helsinki – Manchester
AY741 Helsinki – Warsaw
AY879 Helsinki – Paris
AY463 Helsinki – Ivalo
AY675 Helsinki – Gothenburg
AY201 Helsinki – Kajaani
AY665 Helsinki – Copenhagen
AY655 Helsinki – Oslo
AY989 Helsinki – Stockholm (Bromma)
AY427 Helsinki – Rovaniemi
AY593 Helsinki – Kokkola
AY365 Helsinki – Oulu
AY121 Helsinki – Riga
AY323 Helsinki – Vaasa
AY507 Helsinki – Kuopio
AY641 Helsinki – Stockholm
AY263 Helsinki – Tampere
AY107 Helsinki – Tallinn
AY585 Helsinki – Kemi
AY223 Helsinki – Turku
AY371 Helsinki – Oulu
AY684 Umeå – Helsinki
AY700 Billund – Helsinki
AY912 Berlin – Helsinki
AY990 Stockholm (Bromma) – Helsinki
AY934 Manchester – Helsinki
AY264 Tampere – Helsinki
AY366 Oulu – Helsinki
AY594 Kokkola – Helsinki
AY676 Gothenburg – Helsinki
AY108 Tallinn – Helsinki
AY464 Ivalo – Helsinki
AY508 Kuopio – Helsinki
AY324 Vaasa – Helsinki
AY428 Rovaniemi – Helsinki
AY813 Helsinki – Brussels
AY122 Riga – Helsinki
AY201 Helsinki – Jyväskylä
AY663 Helsinki – Copenhagen
AY854 Hamburg – Helsinki
AY224 Turku – Helsinki
AY656 Oslo – Helsinki
AY746 Warsaw – Helsinki
AY666 Copenhagen – Helsinki
AY683 Helsinki – Umeå
AY571 Helsinki – Jyväskylä
AY265 Helsinki – Tampere
AY367 Helsinki – Oulu
AY565 Helsinki – Kajaani
AY833 Helsinki – London
AY937 Helsinki – Manchester
AY659 Helsinki – Oslo
AY677 Helsinki – Gothenburg
AY873 Helsinki – Paris
AY489 Helsinki – Joensuu
AY637 Helsinki – Stockholm
AY642 Stockholm – Helsinki
AY869 Helsinki – Geneve
AY125 Helsinki – Riga
AY225 Helsinki – Turku
AY880 Paris – Helsinki
AY133 Helsinki – Vilnius
AY113 Helsinki – Talllin
AY325 Helsinki – Vaasa
AY372 Oulu – Helsinki
AY509 Helsinki – Kuopio
AY983 Helsinki – Stockholm (Bromma)
AY917 Helsinki – Berlin
AY743 Helsinki – Warsaw
AY586 Kemi – Helsinki
AY57 Helsinki – Shanghai
AY266 Tampere – Helsinki
AY226 Turku – Helsinki
AY572 Jyväskylä – Helsinki
AY114 Tallinn – Helsinki
AY315 Helsinki – Vaasa
AY515 Helsinki – Kuopio
AY595 Helsinki – Kokkola
AY105 Helsinki – Tallinn
AY368 Oulu – Helsinki
AY490 Joensuu – Helsinki
AY326 Vaasa – Helsinki
AY638 Stockholm – Helsinki
AY510 Kuopio – Helsinki
AY566 Kajaani – Helsinki
AY126 Riga – Helsinki
AY664 Copenhagen – Helsinki
AY678 Gothenburg – Helsinki
AY660 Oslo – Helsinki
AY984 Stockholm (Bromma) – Helsinki
AY106 Tallinn – Helsinki
AY134 Vilnius – Helsinki
AY316 Vaasa – Helsinki
AY516 Kuopio – Helsinki
AY596 Kokkola – Helsinki
AY814 Brussels – Helsinki
AY744 Warsaw – Helsinki
AY918 Berlin – Helsinki
AY938 Manchester – Helsinki
AY834 London – Helsinki
AY870 Geneve – Helsinki

And the information from Finnair:

Strike and support actions are planned for Friday, March 10 from 3 pm – 7 pm EET at Helsinki Airport, related to the dispute between the Finnish Aviation Union and the service sector employer union Palta about labour agreements in Airpro Oy. The strike will considerably impact Finnair’s flights on Friday, as during the strike, critical ground services are not available or are very limited. Finnair is not a party to the labour dispute.

Flight cancellations and other changes are updated on this page. We also communicate directly with text messages and email to customers whose flights are impacted. We ask you to kindly check from Manage booking that we have your current contact information, so that the messages can reach you.

Customers, who have a reservation for a Finnair flight on Friday March 10 or to one of the other possible strike days (14 March and 17 March), can change their travel date until April 2 to avoid travelling on the dates when the strike can affect Finnair’s flights.

If your flight is cancelled
If you have bought your ticket directly from Finnair, you can apply for a refund of a cancelled flight and bought ancillary services here.


Finnair’s on-board meal and drink service will also be limited during the strike; only water and juice can be served on domestic and Europe flights. The delivery of pre-order meals and other products will also be significantly restricted.

Finnair recommends customers to travel only with hand luggage on Friday March 10, if possible, as also baggage handling will be disturbed. Normal weight and size limitations of hand luggage must be followed.

Longer waiting times are unfortunately expected in Finnair’s customer service, and we ask for customers’ patience. Customers can contact Finnair via the Chat service on Finnair’s internet pages, by phone or in social media by sending a message to @finnairhelps on Twitter or a private message on Finnair’s Facebook pages.

More information about the strike and support actions can be found on Finavia’s internet pages at www.finavia.fi.


Remember that, although strike is considered force majeure, the duty to care per EC 261/2004 does apply. Finnair is required to rebook the affected passengers to their final destinations at earliest opportunity and provide accommodation and food vouchers in case of long delays/cancellations.

It remains to be seen if the strike on the 14th will go forward. Both sides will meet on Monday to assess whether they are closer to a resolution that would suit both parties.

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