Are (Frequent) Travelers Growing Tired Of People Who Don’t Dress Properly During Air Travel?


It appears there are more social media groups, postings and website articles than ever before where people complain about fellow travelers sloppy dress style, bad travel habits and bare feet in the skies.

Is this a sign of people reaching the peak of their patience while putting up with the at time disgusting behavior and antics of others around them while flying from point A to point B?

The discussion about a dress code in hotels, planes and airports is as old as traveling itself and while it’s an entertaining topic every now and then to publicly shame people for their habits I find it more interesting how the general public shifted to handle these situations.

Social Media accounts with titles such as “Passenger Shaming” – probably the most popular outlet – spread like wildfire and expose travelers who engage in outrageous, disgusting and often unhygienic behavior.

The new phenomenon appears to be “If you can’t beat them, shame them” and following this mantra the web gets flooded with cringe worthy images such as the above.

At the same time you have the famous 2015 Twitter rant of a British cricket athlete who got into a row with Qantas after they refused him entry over the choice of his footwear.

I find it strange that a sports star and self proclaimed “Platinum, First Class flier” doesn’t carry at least one pair of closed shoes or at least proper sandals when traveling but I guess to each his own.

Qantas indeed published a semi-dress code back in 2015 after revamping their lounges and trying to get things under control as far as the lax attire in their lounges went.

Not an unreasonable request to their passengers considering how people used to show up at Qantas Clubs around Australia. I lived in Sydney for the better part of 2013 and traveled quiet a bit domestically. It was almost like a Billabong store every left and right which is fine – as long as you’re on the beach!


Why the sudden jump in public shaming of such ‘offenders’? I guess one reason could be that social media now reached about every corner of society, while at the same time, everybody has a portable camera for pictures and video at their disposal. It’s very easy to take a snap of someone and quickly upload it for the world to see.

At the same time, people seem to respect public space less and less, and what they can expose others to. Have you contributed to sites such as Passenger Shaming or posted similar offenses to your personal social media account? Confess below!

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