American Airlines Brings Back Complimentary Meals To Their LAX/NYC/SFO Transcon Flights Effective May 1st 2017

American Airlines follows suit after the competition announced that complimentary food will return to limited domestic routes, in this case transcontinental flights between LAX/SFO and New York City.

Offering complimentary meals in Economy class has been discontinued over a decade ago by most if not all U.S. domestic airlines and just last month Delta made the start re-introducing it on transcon flights.

While Delta announced a wider roll out of their new Main Cabin Meals on many of their domestic routes, American Airlines will for now limit complimentary meals to transcontinental flights between New York City and Los Angeles/San Francisco.

The meals will all be cold and depending on the time of departure consists of a continental breakfast box, sandwich/wrap or cheese with fruit.

You can access American Airlines website with the new product options here.

So as of now American only offers these 3 connections, LA, NY-JFK and SF, with their new meal options. Not really a lot but better than nothing I guess.

Delta will expand their complimentary meals into 12 markets (see here) which is considerably more generous.

Delta is introducing complimentary meals on some of its longest domestic flights, including transcontinental routes between New York’s JFK and Los Angeles/San Francisco. The airline will be the only U.S. carrier to offer complimentary fresh meals from nose to tail on select coast-to-coast routes.

Beginning March 1, Delta will offer complimentary meals in the Main Cabin on flights between JFK and LAX/SFO. On April 24, the airline will expand complimentary meals to 10 other major domestic markets from Seattle, New York, Boston and Washington, D.C. including BOS-SFO, BOS-LAX, BOS-SEA, DCA-LAX, JFK-PDX, JFK-SAN, JFK-SEA, SEA-FLL, SEA-MCO and SEA-RDU.

Delta’s new meal program will feature a variety of options for customers depending on the time of day of their flight. In the morning, customers will have the option to choose between a Honey Maple Breakfast Sandwich, Luvo Breakfast Medley or fruit and cheese plate. During the day, customers will be able to select from a Mesquite-Smoked Turkey Combo, Luvo Mediterranean Whole Grain Veggie Wrap, or fruit and cheese plate.  For overnight flights, customers will be offered a breakfast bar during the pre-arrival beverage service.

Something tell me though that the illustrated example of the Delta cheese plate is rather optimistic and likely impossible to be realized in Economy Class.

It won’t even look like this in Business Class, let alone in coach. The sad truth will likely disappoint as far as presentation goes but you can’t have everything for a 300$ coach return ticket.


In times where almost anything of value has been stripped from domestic coach class and instead offered for an additional fee such a change is a welcome facelift to the airlines longest flights.

The New York City flights to/from Los Angeles/San Francisco always had a higher standing than the rest of the flights. All legacy carriers on this route (American, Delta and United) have offered a range of premium cabins and services on this route for a long time including 3 class aircraft in First/Business/Economy configuration featuring flat beds.

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