British Airways Comic Relief Tom Daley, Emma Bunton & David Walliams-videos


British Airways has rightfully received quite a bit of bad press lately, so today they unveiled three videos to support the Comic Relief charity to which the flight attendants are soliciting donations during the flights (spare change).

The Tom Daley (who wouldn’t know him) video is a good one as is the one from Emma Bunton (from Spice Girls – would be perfect mixed fleet FA). The third video is by David Walliams (no idea who he is)?

Here’s the Baby Spice one:

And the guy who I have never heard of:


The Tom Daley and the Emma Bunton videos were actually fun and will open my man purse on the next BA flight when the Comic Relief donations are solicited.

I threw in few hundred dollars worth of notes to support Unicef (isn’t that whom Cathay is asking money for) on CX flight last year