Whine Wednesdays: So-so Hotels Begging For Perfect After Stay Score?


This week the Whine Wednesdays wonders why is it always so-so hotels that are begging for perfect after stay score?

Whine Wednesdays Feedback

These signs on the desk or buttons on employee uniforms are usually an indicator of a failing hotel that is trying to jack up their guest satisfaction score. Why good hotel would asking for a perfect feedback? They would get it regardless.

So, I found this sign at the Crowne Plaza Brussels desk last Sunday afternoon when I was trying to log into the non-working WiFi. The hotel simply doesn’t have enough wireless access points to provide good connectivity to all the rooms.

The signal on the second room was bad but at least I was able to connect to it.

The Spire Elite benefits were 600 points and late check out, although the housekeeping was banging on the door at noon.

The AC wasn’t working properly, but at least you could open the window and get some fresh air. The only problem then was the traffic noise.

You could hear when someone was speaking on the neighboring room.

There was no difference between executive and regular rooms besides few cookies on the work desk and semi filled minibar on the executive one (empty on the regular room).

Bathroom amenities beyond soap are on request only.

And the hotel is asking for me to give them 10 stars?


And of course when you call the front desk and speak with the Manager on Duty about the issues, what do they end up doing?

These signs are nothing but a lipstick on a pig and result just a higher blood pressure on me. Good hotels that take excellent care of their loyalty program guests will get good scores and reviews. Those that fail don’t. This ain’t rocket science!

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