Fabulous Fridays: Entertaining Safety Videos To Catch The Attention Of Passengers


This weeks Fabulous Friday is about Safety Videos on board various airlines that go the extra mile and develop their own theme and entertainment skids to make passengers pay closer attention.

The videos range from Japanese Manga Style varieties to sports stars helping the crew (actors) out in their safety procedures.

Most frequent fliers are familiar with the safety demonstrations on board as they have seen the presentation hundreds, if not thousands of times before but there are elementary parts pointed out such as the location of Emergency Exits which can vary depending on the aircraft and seatmap.

Many leisure and even first time travelers however often disregard the safety video as well and to combat this some airlines went ahead to try and make it an entertainment rather than a dry demonstration.

Qatar Airways for example is a sponsor of the FC Barcelona football club and has used the team to develop an inflight safety video designed to catch the attention of passengers.

As you can see this is a somewhat alternative option to the regular demonstration.

There are negative, if not to say annoying features to it though. For one the video drags on for almost 4 Minutes which is significantly longer than the average demo. On top of it Qatar will also repeat the entire thing in Arabic right after and there is no way to skip it. Watching the same thing double and repeatedly on every flight is really annoying in my opinion. A real overkill.


For the occasional or first time traveler such options are certainly a good idea to make them pay attention. If you fly all the time and are already annoying by the theme (I personally can’t stand football or soccer in this case) it’s easy to come across as an ignorant a** if you continue to use you own iphone and headphones to tune it out.

If these videos would at least change frequently but they don’t. Most people who fly Qatar change planes so during the course of one round trip you want this video 4x 10 Min. A bit over the top.

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