Reader Question: No Club Carlson Points For Egencia Bookings?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me a question regarding stay’s eligibility for points when booking has been made using Egencia (corporate booking tool).

Reader Question Park Inn Zurich

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Here’s email from the reader:

Below is the start of an exchange I am having with Park Inn in Zurich after they informed me that my imminent stay there will not earn points.

I may have been a little harsh but I not would be staying there if I knew I would not earn points. I recall that IHG recently made an announcement to the same effect but quickly back tracked.

Is this the norm at Club Carlson? I regard Club Carlson as a diseased dog of a program, low benefits, high tier requirements and expensive redemption rates for desirable properties. They do regularly have good promotions that enable one to earn a lot of points very quickly and sometimes their property is the best option in location (Jersey for example, Bergerac not the Sopranos).

I’m sure you get a lot contacts but interested in your take on this.

Reader requested the property to add his Club Carlson number on file and received the following reply:

Your Club Carlson is now in our system.

I’d like to inform you does for these stay you don’t will reserve points, because you have booked over a travel agent.

Here’s what reader replied to the property:

This is extremely disappointing is this the policy of hotel or the Club Carlson group? My company (like many others) enforces business travel to be booked through their travel provider, in my case Egencia. I travel frequently and have not had issues with other hotel programs (Accor, Hilton, IHG, Marriott & Starwood) denying benefits, nights & points for these stays. Whilst I must book centrally, I do have a choice of property and your policy will mean that I will never stay at this or any Club Carlson property for business again and I will advise clients, colleagues and travel forum members to do the same.

I truly believe that the person replying on this property’s behalf is confusing two things; bookings made using OTA’s and traditional travel agent ones. Egencia is owned by Expedia.

As long as the booked rate is the negotiated corporate rate or any of the public rates such as advance purchase one or the best available one, there is absolutely no issues getting the points posted even when it was made on Egencia.

If, however, there are some negotiated rates that Egencia displays on behalf of Expedia, then the eligibility to earn points and stay/night credits could come into question. I highly doubt that it would be the case here.


Front desk employees that likely reply to these emails during slower periods are usually not well informed about the ins and outs of the guest loyalty programs.

As long as the Egencia or any other corporate travel agent books negotiated corporate rate, there is absolute no question that points and stay/night credits are credited without an issue.

Even regular travel agent bookings (bricks and mortal) made using public rates are eligible for stay/night credits with all the programs that we cover here on LoyaltyLobby.