Why I Purchased SPG Starpoints Again?


Starwood Preferred Gust (SPG) doesn’t have never ending Starpoints sales (unlike Hilton & IHG) and the discount tends to max at 30%. SPG launched a new sale on March 1 that ends on April 30th and Sebastian recently wrote about it (access here).

Why I Purchase Starpoints (Again)

Last year, SPG had an one-time sale where the discount was 35% off (read more here) and later in the year “Mystery Sale” with up to 50% off (read more here). I, however, decided that the 30% off is good enough and made a purchase last week.

You can access SPG’s Starpoints sale here.

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Although most probably purchase Starpoints to use them towards SPG award nights, I have always purchased them to convert to airlines miles or now to move to Marriott Rewards.

SPG and Marriott Rewards members can move points between accounts at 1:3 ratio (you can links accounts here). My favorite use of Marriott Rewards points is towards Travel Packages (read more here) when one of the airline partners (usually United or American) is offering an additional bonus.

Remember that we have SPG 30,000 Starpoints giveaway going on (access here) that ends on Friday (March 24, 2017).

The discount is dependent of the number of Starpoints that you purchase:

Why I Purchase Starpoints (Again) Discount Schedule

Price of purchasing 30,000 Starpoints:

Why I Purchase Starpoints (Again) Discount Price

Purchase confirmation:

Why I Purchase Starpoints (Again) Discount Confirmation

Purchase confirmation email:


Points post immediately:

Why I Purchase Starpoints (Again) Discount Posted


Starpoints are not bad value when used for Starwood hotel awards when paid rates are astronomical or at their lower category properties. Also, you can use Marriott Rewards points for stays at some city center hotels at a reasonable rates compared to paid ones (especially in the Middle East).

I will, however, eventually move these to Marriott Rewards and issue Travel Packages when there are bonus airline offers around.

Considering that SPG has many airline partners where Starpoints can be converted to, you can also consider this as buying 35,000 (SPG has 5,000 miles conversion bonus when 20,000 Starpoints are converted with most partners) for $735 effectively paying 2.1 cents each.

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