Eurowings Eliminates Lounge Access On Their Lowest Fares For Miles&More Senator/HON Circle Members Effective 26th March 2017


Lufthansa Group budget carrier Eurowings just announced that it will eliminate the lounge access for Senator & HON Circle status customers of the Miles&More program when booked in the lowest fares.

Eurowings sells fares in three different categories: BASIC, SMART & BEST where the first two stand for Economy Class fares where so far Senator and HON Circle members had lounge access included.

According to an email sent by Eurowings/Miles&More in German to their customers this benefit has been eliminated for all bookings in fare class BASIC beyond March 26th 2017.

So far there hasn’t been any other information published on the Eurowings website and neither do I know anyone who received it in English.

Here is the German version of the email:

Eurowings explains that the change is due to economic considerations and to set the different fare classes apart in terms of service and value.

BASIC fares won’t have any more lounge access included for bookings from March 26th 2017. If we can take this text literally then existing bookings will still include lounge access. Not sure if Lufthansa/Eurowings will have technical options at their disposal to designate that on the boarding pass though.


Since Eurowings has taken over many of the traditional Lufthansa routes within Germany and Europe  as soon as you leave their Frankfurt and Munich hubs travelers are running out of options. It’s not like these Eurowings fares are outrageously cheap, in some cases the opposite is the case. It’s just another blow to the brand and certainly doesn’t contribute to the mood of Senator and HON Circle members who are already less than enthusiastic about the Eurowings product.

I suggest SEN/HON members to print or save their email and booking confirmation to argue based on the booking date just in case some staff members want to be difficult and make up their own contradicting rules.

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