Fabulous Fridays: Rimowa “First Aid” Baggage Repair Service Counter At Tokyo-Narita Airport

This weeks Fabulous Friday leads us to Japan where Rimowa luggage is very popular with travelers, in fact so popular that they have a luggage service counter at Narita Airport.

I found this little counter inside Terminal 2 after arriving yesterday afternoon and was surprised as I haven’t seen this counter before so I asked the staff what they do.

As per the staff on duty they can do quick repairs of wheels and exchange other removable parts as well as accept the suitcase for larger repairs and then either return it to the customer via mail or pickup at the airport.

I actually needed a wheel replaced which was done quickly and free of charge (you can actually do this at any Rimowa store nearby).

Rimowa baggage is extremely popular in Japan and you need to be careful to really pick up your own baggage from the belt and not someone elses suitcase.

The products are also pretty expensive, not only in Japan but all over Asia so providing this extra customer service is a special way of customer appreciation, very typical for Japan.


It’s very helpful to have such a service in the arrivals area as I can imagine there are plenty of cases they have to handle each day. Usually customers have to regulate the matter (damages) with the airline, file a report and then either send the suitcase to a store or visit a dealer to get it taken care of. This eliminates that at least for smaller repairs.