Virgin America Elevate Program To End On December 31, 2017

Alaska Airlines acquired Virgin America last year (read more here) and has allowed linking of Mileage Plan and Elevate accounts soon after (read more here).

The End Of Elevate

Alaska Airlines made an announcement today that Virgin America Elevate program would cease to exist on December 31 and from January 1, 2018, Mileage Plan would be the combined program. Virgin America brand is expected to disappear sometime in 2019.

You can access Alaska’s Mileage Plan here.

Here’s the information that Alaska sent out:

The End Of Elevate Email


This really didn’t come as a surprise. Considering the number of partner airlines that the Alaska’s Mileage Plan has, it is by far better program combined with complimentary first class upgrades for elite members.

Probably wise move to get Elevate fully absorbed by Mileage Plan as soon as possible. Many members must have already converted their Elevate points to Mileage Plan miles (I haven’t yet).