Hilton Honors Extending 2016 Diamond Matches To March 2019?


Hilton Honors (then HHonors) ran a very generous status match promotion back in 2015/2016 where competing program top tier members were offered straight matches without any stay requirements until March 2017/2018.

Hilton Honors Diamond Extension

Now, Hilton Honors has apparently extended some if not all matched member statuses until March 2019 based on the email that a reader had received.

You can access Hilton’s web page for status benefits here and my recent piece about the current status match here.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

Received surprise Hilton Honors email this morning  (pdf print attached) …. saying my HH-Diamond is extended to 31Mar2019

(ie no need to make at Hilton30stays/60nights during 2017 to extend for periodApr208-31Mar2019 , and not lose my HH-D on 31Mar2018 )


1) With crazy offer by HH of status match to HHD until 31Mar2018 anyone with almost any other brands elite status from Nov2015 through July2016, although I was already HH-Diamond I decided to complete the online match request in May2016.

(seemed unfair that I needed 30stays/60nights to get HH-Diamond for Apr2017-Mar2017 when matchers had that same 31Mar2018 for zero nights/stays )

2) My thought process was, if granted then no need to stay HH brand just to hit 30stays during Jan2016-Dec2016 to keep my HH-Diamond , but just do Hilton hotel nights that really suited me

3.A) HH email response May2016 confirmed I filled in/submitted online match request, but no follow up email saying matched as HH-D until to Mar2018

3.B) Used HH FT posted thread trick …order new HH MemberCard to get HH email confirmation which includes status expiry date … Email showed my HHD expiry 31Mar2018

3.C) During 2016  I thus only stayed enough to requalify as HH-Gold for Apr2017-Apr2018 , as knowing I had the status-match given HH-D for Apr2017-Mar2018 period

4) REALLY SUPRISED by UNEXPECTED Hilton Honors email this morning (31st Mar2017…(see attached pdf print) saying
..  “You’ve earned an upgrade to Diamond status, and that comes with some great perks!
… “Your new status is effective through to 31Mar2019”

5)So… for  Jan-Dec2017, unexpectedly I don’t need any stays to keep HH-Diamond for Apr2018-Mar2019, so I now can just stat at HH hotels when really suits me during 2017


Hilton Honors has certainly been very generous with all these status matches and extensions as of late. Perhaps they could have spent some effort spicing up the Diamond level benefits for getting existing members giving more business their way? The Gold level benefits however are inline with what other programs are offering.

Have other readers received similar extensions from Hilton Honors?

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