Reader Question: Compensation For British Airways Service Issues?


A LoyaltyLobby reader dropped me an email about two issues that he is facing with British Airways and adequate compensation.

Reader Question Compensation For British Airways Service Issues

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I seem to be having a touch of bad luck with BA of late, wondered what you thought?

I flew BA to Mumbai on 11th March in Premium Economy. Whilst the flight was bare able the IFE did not work. This was in spite of numerous attempts to reset the system. I was spoken to by a couple of attendants and I did ask to speak with the Cabin Service Director only to be told that she was not available!! I had to push to get the failed IFE logged. I have not had a chance to complain yet as once I returned home, I flew to Dubai.

I then flew London to Dubai on 19th March in Business with my wife on a belated honeymoon. Here my suitcase failed to appear upon landing. The service from BA staff at Dubai airport was frankly very poor. I was taken to a room to log the claim and then was told I was only allowed a maximum of £50 for toiletries! Not clothing! Considering I was in jeans and tshirt following an overnight flight I was not impressed and I knew that better service should have happened as last year BA also lost my my bag, whilst travelling in Business and 47 days later the bag arrived!! I did go to buy a change of clothes and although the SMS messages said the ETA would be 8am the following day the suitcase arrived 30 hours later at 3pm!!

I know I have to submit claims etc, but I am really annoyed at the loss of service. Things go wrong, thats life, it is how you manage the problem that defines the result.

What do you think I could claims for? I do not often go to a miles claim, but this time I am thoroughly pee’d off with them.

The reader has two issues here and I would tackle them separately.

1. Non-working IFE

The reader may get 4,000 to 10,000 Avios as a compensation for the non-working IFE.

2. Delayed bag

The person making the PIR (property irregularity report) basically lied to the reader. He could have bought what was reasonably needed to get going and request compensation for the purchases made later from the BA.


I was once flying from Australasia to Brazil and BA left my bag somewhere in Europe. They didn’t have any problems covering my $600 clothing bill. Only bought clothes that I needed and would have otherwise bought on my own money (imported goods are pricey in Brazil).

It is a sad state of affairs with British Airways. I have had my IFE issues as well when flying the airline. Difficult to kill time when they don’t even have in-flight WiFi available.

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