Fabulous Fridays: Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services At The Airport (Landside Access)

Happy Friday everybody, this time our weekly series of Fabulous Fridays is about Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services at various airports, often with after-hours access through a machine.

These shops are often a frequent travelers savior when it comes to quickly cleaning clothing items as they are often more convenient and timely compared to getting laundry done at the hotel.

Usually hotels have fixed cut off times to hand it dry cleaning items which are then delivered to a contracted cleaning company. Laundry as regular wash is sometimes done by the hotel itself so they are more flexible with that but it really depends on the property.

The facilities at the airport often have various express services available and even if that isn’t the case dropping the items inside the terminal adds a few extra hours to the turnaround times instead of doing it at the hotel.

Price wise the hotel is almost always the more expensive option (unless you have an allowance for complimentary laundry service) and while the shops at the airport aren’t cheap I usually find them to be reasonable.

Since most of the shops aren’t open 24/7 sometimes they offer pick up through a machine that dispenses prepaid laundry items through a slot. Very convenient and detached from time constraints such as regular opening hours.


I have used the shop pictured above at Narita Airport a few times when staying at an airport hotel or just for 1-3 days in the city as it’s very easy to pick up my items there. The pricing was reasonable compared to other options in town which don’t open on weekends and public holidays.


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