Whine Wednesdays: Pigs At The Lounge – Disgusting Behavior At The Executive Club


It’s another Whine Wednesday and today we visit the very nice Club Lounge at the Grand Hyatt Shanghai where some guests apparently have no manners whatsoever and behave like pigs.

Some people know no shame and even go as far as swiping entire bottles of wine from the display to put them on their own table knowing that in many countries the staff won’t say anything about that.

I consider the Grand Hyatt Lounge in Shanghai one of the best lounges that brand has to offer worldwide, especially in the evening. Of course some people take advantage of this and in this case I found two examples from a few months back.

The couple not only left their table like an absolute battlefield but also took two full bottles of wine (1x Red, 1x White – gotta have some options after all) and put them on their table in a demonstrative manner.

Staff in China is rarely resolute so nobody said a word about it when they started to stock up their private buffet.

It was left behind like this roughly an hour later and makes me think if rules should be set and enforced stronger, especially at places where people knowingly go overboard.

China is a difficult place to police rules as people with money aren’t really accepting many rules in the first place and at least local staff isn’t seen as a person with authority at all. It would probably take a western manager to come and tell these people that their behavior isn’t acceptable before they would listen at all.


Money obviously can’t buy class or proper behavior and this is a prime example (unfortunately once again from mainland China). Do you think hotels should be stricter in policing their guests not only in behavior such as this but also in terms of a dress code?

Many hotels have indeed a dress code for their lounge but usually don’t end up enforcing it. Or what about a policy of no children under a certain age? The other day a father (American) with his three children caused mayhem at the Club Lounge during breakfast hour at the Hyatt Regency Tokyo and he was obviously anything but interested to tell them to sit quiet and have breakfast instead of running through the lounge, screaming (another article to come about this very soon).

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