Air France HOP! On Strike April 7 – 8, 2017


Several HOP! ground staff and cabin crew unions have called a strike to take place this Friday and Saturday (April 7 – 8, 2017). The airline plans to operate 85% of the scheduled short and medium-haul flights on Friday. The schedule for Saturday is still unclear.

Air France HOP

This strike will only affect short and medium- haul flights that are HOP! branded when they are not operated by Airbus planes. The airline (HOP!) operates roughly 600 flights daily to 50 destinations in France and Europe.

You can access Air France’s web page for the strike action here.

Here’s list of currently canceled flights for Friday:


Flight number



A5242 Agen Paris Orly
A5234 Aurillac Paris Orly
A54083 Biarritz Lyon
A54087 Biarritz Lyon
AF7655 Biarritz Paris Charles de Gaulle
A53250 Bordeaux Lille
A53254 Bordeaux Lille
A53547 Bordeaux Strasbourg
A53256 Bordeaux Lille
A54091 Brest Lyon
AF7375 Brest Paris Orly
A54097 Brest Lyon
A54133 Caen Lyon
A5262 Castres Paris Orly
AF7439 Clermont-Ferrand Paris Orly
AF7755 Clermont-Ferrand Paris Charles de Gaulle
AF7757 Clermont-Ferrand Paris Charles de Gaulle
N° vol Dep Arr
A5214 Lannion Paris Orly
A53450 Lille Toulouse
A53410 Lille Marseille
A53251 Lille Bordeaux
A53414 Lille Marseille
A53255 Lille Bordeaux
A53456 Lille Toulouse
A54067 Lille Lyon
A53077 Lille Nantes
A53257 Lille Bordeaux
AF7391 Lorient Paris Orly
A54100 Lyon Nantes
A54110 Lyon Toulouse
A54132 Lyon Caen
A54042 Lyon Metz
A54152 Lyon Rennes
A54092 Lyon Brest
A54082 Lyon Biarritz
AF7417 Lyon Paris Orly
A54184 Lyon Strasbourg
A54066 Lyon Lille
A54076 Lyon Pau
A54046 Lyon Metz
A54096 Lyon Brest
A54186 Lyon Strasbourg
A54086 Lyon Biarritz
AF7415 Lyon Paris Orly
A54108 Lyon Nantes
A54138 Lyon Caen
A54078 Lyon Pau
A54188 Lyon Strasbourg
A54158 Lyon Rennes
A54048 Lyon Metz
A53171 Marseille Rennes
A53521 Marseille Strasbourg
A53411 Marseille Lille
A53525 Marseille Strasbourg
A53415 Marseille Lille
A53317 Marseille Toulouse
A53527 Marseille Strasbourg
A54043 Metz Lyon
A54047 Metz Lyon
A53055 Montpellier Nantes
A53057 Montpellier Nantes
AF7337 Mulhouse Paris Orly
AF7341 Mulhouse Paris Orly
AF7381 Nantes Paris Orly
A54101 Nantes Lyon
AF7383 Nantes Paris Orly
A53054 Nantes Montpellier
A53034 Nantes Toulouse
A53064 Nantes Strasbourg
AF7385 Nantes Paris Orly
A53056 Nantes Montpellier
A53076 Nantes Lille
A53036 Nantes Toulouse
A54109 Nantes Lyon
A53193 Nice Rennes
A53565 Nice Strasbourg
A53345 Nice Toulouse
AF7536 Paris Charles de Gaulle Pau
AF7654 Paris Charles de Gaulle Biarritz
AF7754 Paris Charles de Gaulle Clermont-Ferrand
AF7678 Paris Charles de Gaulle Rennes
AF7756 Paris Charles de Gaulle Clermont-Ferrand
AF7532 Paris Charles de Gaulle Pau
AF7758 Paris Charles de Gaulle Clermont-Ferrand
AF7638 Paris Charles de Gaulle Rennes
AF7450 Paris Orly Pau
AF7332 Paris Orly Mulhouse
AF7464 Paris Orly Perpignan
AF7390 Paris Orly Lorient
A5241 Paris Orly Agen
A5261 Paris Orly Castres
AF7382 Paris Orly Nantes
A5231 Paris Orly Aurillac
AF7400 Paris Orly Lyon
AF7386 Paris Orly Nantes
AF7376 Paris Orly Brest
A5213 Paris Orly Lannion
AF7468 Paris Orly Perpignan
AF7336 Paris Orly Mulhouse
AF7438 Paris Orly Clermont-Ferrand
AF7462 Paris Orly Pau
AF7388 Paris Orly Nantes
A5215 Paris Orly Lannion
AF7396 Paris Orly Lorient
A5235 Paris Orly Aurillac
AF7440 Paris Orly Clermont-Ferrand
AF7340 Paris Orly Mulhouse
AF7504 Paris Orly Toulon
AF7416 Paris Orly Lyon
AF7470 Paris Orly Perpignan
AF7455 Pau Paris Orly
A54077 Pau Lyon
AF7537 Pau Paris Charles de Gaulle
AF7465 Perpignan Paris Orly
AF7469 Perpignan Paris Orly
A53170 Rennes Marseille
A53192 Rennes Nice
A54153 Rennes Lyon
A53124 Rennes Toulouse
A53126 Rennes Toulouse
AF7639 Rennes Paris Charles de Gaulle
A53550 Strasbourg Toulouse
A53520 Strasbourg Marseille
A53564 Strasbourg Nice
A53524 Strasbourg Marseille
A54183 Strasbourg Lyon
A53065 Strasbourg Nantes
A53546 Strasbourg Bordeaux
A54187 Strasbourg Lyon
A53556 Strasbourg Toulouse
A53526 Strasbourg Marseille
A53437 Strasbourg Lille
A53551 Toulouse Strasbourg
A54111 Toulouse Lyon
A53451 Toulouse Lille
A53125 Toulouse Rennes
A53035 Toulouse Nantes
A53316 Toulouse Marseille
A53457 Toulouse Lille
A53127 Toulouse Rennes
A53557 Toulouse Strasbourg
A53037 Toulouse Nantes

Here’s information what Air France has released for consumers:

What are consequences? Will my journey be impacted?

Only flights with the note “operated by HOP” may be affected by this strike. Check now the status of your flight with the link below.

As soon as we will have a more accurate estimate of the number of employees on strike and the impact on our operations, our flight schedule will be adapted accordingly and published the day before your departure.

The update of our schedule for April 07 is currently on-going.

We expect to operate 85 % of our short and medium haul flights.

Some flights may be cancelled. Furthermore, in order to ensure a maximum number of flights with a reduced crew composition, we may be forced to limit the number of passengers on board some of our flights which would mean we may not be able to honour all reservations.

Can I postpone my trip?

Without waiting, if you have a valid Air France ticket, issued on or before 05 April, for a flight operated by a HOP! aircraft between 07 and 08 April 2017, you can :

– anticipate your trip on 05 and 06 April 2017
– postpone your trip from 09 to 16 April 2017 included

Save time by changing your booking directly online, in the “Your reservations” section of the website or in the mobile app. You can change your booking at no extra cost for the same travel cabin. You can also contact your travel agent.

You may also choose to cancel your journey. In this case, you will be entitled to a non-refundable voucher valid 1 year for Air France, KLM or HOP! flights.

What should I do on the day of departure?

We invite you to check your flight status updated in real time on our website, in the section “Flight & airport info”.

Besides, we advise you to check-in online, for you and your luggage.

How do I apply for a refund for my journey? Do I need official attestation?

If your flight is cancelled or delayed by more than 5 hours and you decide not to travel, you can obtain a refund for your ticket by contacting your point of sale directly.

If you bought your ticket on our website, please click on “Refunds” section at the bottom of this page.


There have been strike related cancellations in the past few months in France, UK, Italy and Finland (perhaps elsewhere too).

The reason for this action is truly weird. The French website The Local (access here) is reporting that the reason for this action is management of pilots that are leaving to work for Air France?

Remember that EC 261/2004 duty to care applies. This means that Air France is required to rebook the affected passengers to other services and other airlines where available. The airline must provide accommodation with breakfast/lunch/dinner those with long delays.

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