Whine Wednesdays: Work Desk At Hotels? Case Hilton Auckland


This week the Whine Wednesdays deals with an issue that many business travelers are facing even at full service hotels.

Whine Wednesdays Work Desk

For me, having a proper and functional work desk is a make or break issue. Some hotels are trying to discontinue work desks (save space and this money) and get people to do their work in public space (higher F&B spend?).

You can access Hilton Auckland’s website here.

So, I was at the Hilton Auckland the other week and had this tiny and nonfunctional work desk in the first room. I spoke with the Manager on Duty and told her that I need to cancel my stay and move to another hotel if they are not able to find me a room with proper desk.

Whine Wednesdays Work Desk Bad

After typing away for few seconds, they found a suite (I would call it a deluxe room) that had more adequate work space.

Whine Wednesdays Work Desk Proper


You sometimes wonder if people doing interior design for hotels have actually ever stayed at them while trying to get some work done? The new hotel design trend tries to get business people to work in lobby or cafe.

If there is no proper surface in the room to get work done, I cancel the stay and move on. Luckily, most of the full service hotels still have proper desks

And I do get it. If someone is staying at these same properties on vacation, they properly have zero use for these.

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