Basic Functionalities Missing/Inoperative – Does Korean Air Have The Worst Functioning Website Of All Airlines?


For some reason the airlines in Korea still haven’t stepped up their game when it comes to running a customer friendly website with proper functionalities for even the most basic things, especially Korean Air.

It should be the easiest thing in the world to perform an online check-in, modify passenger details or process a seat assignment but Korean Air’s website doesn’t allow for any of this without issues.

I’m flying plenty of routes with Korean Air for many years now and the website has always been pretty horrible and the carrier isn’t alone with that as their competitor Asiana also has a horrible web presence when it comes to functionality.

What Korean Air does is pretty much forcing you to create an account with their Skypass program or online account before you can perform things like adding a foreign frequent flyer number that isn’t in the reservation yet or changing your pre-assigned seats during online check-in.

It came as another reminder to me when I checked in online for my flight to Gimpo and learned that Korean Air had swapped the equipment and now changed my seat to a very unfavorable place which I wanted to change again – without success.

A simple seat change during online check-in is now a problem for Korean Air? I ran into this issue before on my flight from Incheon to Frankfurt last year but was then able to change to the last available seat in the upfront mini cabin when I reached the airport.

At the same time KE’s website doesn’t allow you to amend the frequent flyer number and always prompts to log in with a Korean Air Skypass account or designated online account.

I tried to enter my Alitalia Elite number to receive SkyPriority benefits since for a 2 hour flight I won’t invest either money or miles in Business Class. As always this was unsuccessful as well (plus you always have to remember to add 3 extra zero’s before your Alitalia number or Korean Air won’t be able to read your status for whatever reason.


Hard to say if KE is THE worst or just one of the worst but obviously Korean Air has issues and as mentioned before it’s not KE alone but also Asiana. It baffles me why the Korean carriers have to make things so complicated for their customers. It’s not like that it adds some security layer. The only way to properly add another frequent flyer number ahead of time is to try and get it in at the time of booking (which doesn’t always work especially when booking with an Online Ticket Agent such as Expedia or Orbitz) or by calling a reservation office.

Do you know other airline website that are notoriously bad and make your traveling life more complicated than necessary?

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