Le Club AccorHotels Pay With Your Points At Front Desk (No Vouchers Needed)

Le Club AccorHotels is about to introduce new way to use points. Instead of redeeming for vouchers in advance and handing them to the front desk, the agent can directly apply points towards the hotel folio from your account.

Pay With Your Le Club AccorHotels Points Coming

You still must redeem minimum of 2,000 points (40 euros) and must redeem in lots of 2,000 points (can apply as many as you have).

You can access Accor’s page for redeeming points here.

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It is still unclear if the Accor’s system is going to give the correct exchange rate when the folio currency is not EUR. Some properties try to use their “cash” rate that is off by 20% or more when paying with these 40 euro vouchers.

You can continue using points at a time of making the reservation.


It is probably better to get rid off those paper vouchers and I would assume that they are on their way out. This wouldn’t allow, if I have understood the method correctly, one to redeem points from one account to pay for expenses on another.

I guess that we should learn more about this new redemption method in the coming days.