Whine Wednesdays: Hotel Swimming Pools With Minimal Depth, Unsuitable For Swimming!


This weeks Whine Wednesday is about Swimming Pools in hotels that have very minimal depth so that you almost (or actually) hit your knees on the floor during swimming.

Such “puddle” pools more or less defeat the purpose of an actually swimming pool to exercise and are mostly to be seen in Asia where many people can’t swim.

Sometimes you really wonder what’s the point of having a facility that is barely if at all available to be used especially at international hotels.

While visiting the JW Marriott Beijing this week I had to laugh when I went to the swimming pool and found that the depth was a a whopping 90 cm, not even going beyond my waistline. In fact it wasn’t even 0.9M as there was plenty of water missing from the pool.

I was told that it’s because many local Chinese guests can’t swim properly and to prevent them from drowning but this argument doesn’t make sense to me. If you can’t swim don’t go into the pool and drowning is possible even in a puddle or bathtub under the wrong circumstances. However the local government in Sanya actually closed the beautiful beaches for a long period of time just for this reason so who knows… crazy!


Swimming pools are pretty much the only fitness facility I like to use at hotel as I’m not a gym enthusiast. I like running outdoors though but in Beijing and the air quality this past weekend that wasn’t an option. Anyhow the JW has nice Technogym fitness equipment so I ended up at the gym regardless but the ridiculous pool solution wouldn’t have me staying there for a long period of time or repeated visits.

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