Compensation Clinic: Turkish Airlines Ex-SEZ Flight Delay Lead To Missed Connection In Istanbul


This week the Compensation Clinic visits Turkish Airlines flight delay ex-SEZ (Seychelles) that lead to missed connection in Istanbul and arriving to Paris more than five hours late.

Turkish Airlines Flight Delay Compensation

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Here’s a comment that reader originally left:

I flew from Paris to the Seychelles in November, economy class. Our flight back from Mahe was slightly delayed and we missed our connection in Istanbul, We finally landed on Paris with a 5 hours delay.

I put a claim on TK Website requesting 600€ compensation per passenger. One week later, We received 2 MCOs worth 1200€.

The only issue is that one has to go to a TK Sales counter to get the money credited to the credit card. In my case, it meant going to CDG and the office is open 9 to 5 week days. Not very convenient.
All in all, I was really happy … it meant a free flight to the Seychelles. (We had paid 540€ per ticket)

Here’s what the reader emailed me:

I am coming back to regarding my claim for compensation following delay on arrival of a Turkish Airlines flight from Seychelles.

As mentioned, we missed our connection in Istanbul and landed in Paris with a 5 hours delay.

A few days later, I submitted a claim on TK website :   asking for 600€ compensation per passenger.

I received an automatic answer saying they would reply within 7 days. The answer came just one week later with two 600 € MCOs.

Here is the first message received from TK :

Turkish Airlines Flight Delay Compensation First Reply U

Here’s the second one that came about a week later:

Turkish Airlines Flight Delay Compensation Second Reply U

Here’s readers follow up:

We decided to get the 1200 € refund. This means we had to go to CDG as TK has no office in the city.
Our credit cards were promptly credited.

It was an easy process … fairly unexpected !

Airlines don’t loose out by providing good customer service. We recently made a trip to Malaysia and, as a consequence, decided to fly business on TK.

One thing I would complain about though is the unpleasant behaviour of TK staff at Istanbul airport. The staff at the counter did not give any explanation why our flight to Paris was not on the screens anymore (amid only a slight delay) and did not check if we could reach our final destination earlier flying another airline (ie AF).

The “passengers rights” leaflet was not handed to us spontaneously.

The EC 261/2004 compensation scheme doesn’t apply here because the flight didn’t begin in the European Union or Switzerland/Norway/Iceland. There is, however, similar legislation in place in Turkey that grants compensation to passengers in case of delays/cancellations.

We wrote a piece about this few weeks back: Turkish Airlines Passenger Rights


I am glad that the compensation experience with Turkish Airlines went fairly smoothly. It is weird that they insist of issuing these EMD’s instead of just crediting the money to passengers’ bank accounts. I guess that they wish that most would just use it towards future Turkish flight or forget to redeem it for cash.

It certainly is bit of a hassle to find Turkish Airlines CTO (City Ticket Office) ATO (Airport Ticket Office), but I am glad that this was a minor one for the reader.

Turkish Airlines should ensure that agents working at the Istanbul are motivated and empowered to fix passenger issues. Whenever there is snowstorm in Istanbul the hell appears to break lose and passengers left holding the bag.

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