Just Purchased 320,000 Hilton Honors Points! (160,000 + 160,000 Bonus)


As I will be this year at destinations where some Hilton affiliated hotels are $$$$, I decided to purchase some points during the current sale (read more here). My account was targeted to the higher than usual purchase ceiling (160,000 instead of 80,000) allowing me to purchase total of 320,000 points with the 100% bonus.

Hilton Honors Purchase Points Bonus

While Hilton Honors recently discontinued award categories and started dynamically priced awards valuing points at roughly 0.5 cents each, it decided to keep the previous category caps in place.

You can access Hilton Honors 100% points sale here and Hilton Honors here.

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Note that Points.com handles Honors point purchases on Hilton’s behalf. I don’t believe that they post as Hilton spend to qualifying card holders.

You need to first choose the number of points you wish to purchase:

Hilton Honors Buy Points Amount

And accept the T&Cs of purchasing points:

Hilton Honors Buy Points PurchaseThe purchase then goes to pending mode:

Hilton Honors Buy Points Purchase Pending

You also receive an email:

Hilton Honors Point Purchase Receipt

And in my case the purchased points were deposited to the account two days later:

Hilton Honors Point Purchase Deposit

Email was also received:

Hilton Honors Point Purchase Confirmation


Buying points makes sense when you are booking hotels that are cheap using them like those ones that are just 5,000 (read more here) or 10,000 (read more here) per night and you get fifth night free too or those that are very pricey $$$$.

I am planning to use these points at few very expensive destinations where category caps make sense to use them instead of paying.

You shouldn’t buy points unless you have good use for them in the foreseeable future.