Reader Question: Any Reasonable Use For Czech Airlines OK Plus Miles? (Reader Help Needed!)


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a message on Facebook about the use of Czech Airlines OK Plus miles (seems to be having serious issues using them).

Czech Airlines

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Here’s the Facebook message from the reader:

Please give us advice what to do with plenty OK+ miles.

After situation when Prague destroyed Programme absolutely what is the best way for Czech miles. For example ok has only 1 long haul flight to Seoul and tax for that flight is about 500 euro.

There is no way to spend for partners- cheaper buy tickets for money. For business class tickets you gave to pay 150 euro for each leg and additional charges. And Q charge.

Seems that the last time when I flew on Czech Airlines was back in 2015 from Prague to Rome (to start one FCO-CHC first class ticket).

Czech Airlines (to my knowledge) has faced some financial turbulence as of late and many OK coded flights are actually operated by Smart Wings/Travel Service.

I have no personal experience of their frequent flier program and none of my friends collects their miles. Usually, regardless of the charges (usually fuel surcharge), the best “value” is to redeem for business or first class flights.

Are there readers with OK Plus experiences? What is the best way to use miles with minimal cash outlay?


Czech Airline is a SkyTeam member airlines and I collect miles with both Delta and Air France-KLM on that alliance. I believe that the lowest OK fares don’t earn anything (at least I earned nada for my PRG-FCO flight).

I hope that there are readers that would be more familiar with the OK Plus.

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