Whine Wednesdays: Uber Becoming Useless In Bangkok


This week the Whine Wednesday is about the Uber’s service in Bangkok that seems to be deteriorating.

Uber Has Become Useless In Bangkok

I have had nothing else than delays and cancellations among couple of successful rides over the past week. Have mainly resorted using regular taxis and Grab.

Just for the record, I have used Uber quite a bit and have spent more than two weeks of my life in either waiting for a ride on on the ride itself:

Uber Has Become Useless In Bangkok History

Seems that there is a unique problem in Bangkok that doesn’t appear to plague other cities. The car appears to be first five minutes away and couple of minutes later the app estimates the arrival time to be 15+ minutes. Nobody is going to wait 20+ minutes for a ride.

Also, drivers appear to cancel often. I guess that they work on multiple platforms or wish to get a pick up closer to their location

I have never understood why Uber hasn’t enabled in-app communications? You can message on Grab exactly what the address is such as Le Meridien Hotel Entrance and driver can acknowledge this.


I haven’t had issues with Uber pick ups from Suvarnabhumi airport because you can choose on the app the door/exit number. Cannot miss really.

This Uber situation in Bangkok is very frustrating and Sebastian wrote a rant about it few weeks ago too (read more here). I believe that the app should better understand the traffic flows in Bangkok and what streets are one-ways.

The closest car to your location is not necessarily the best once these other issues are factored in.

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